At Lumio, we believe that everyone deserves a product that is uniquely their own. That's why we're excited to offer brands and corporate clients the opportunity to create your own customized Lito book lamp.

Our customization program ensures that your Lito is a reflection of your brand’s story and personality. Whether it's for your office, a special event, or as a gift, Lito is a timeless piece that will add a touch of sophistication to any space

Create a one-of-a-kind Lito that tells your story. From a refined leather finish to colorful prints, laser engravings to embossing and more. With minimum quantities starting from 60 units and flexible production turnaround, you can bring your vision to life in no time.

If you have ideas or want to chat about designs, get in touch! We'd love to help make it happen.

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We've had the pleasure of collaborating with renowned museums, design shops, and artists to create inspiring designs. Here's a few of our previous customizations.