General Questions

  • Will the built-in magnets harm my electronics?

    • The built-in magnets in the cover are designed to be strong so Lumio can stay in place when you attach it to a metal surface. It may impact certain magnetic media such as credit cards or other electronics if it's placed in close proximity.

  • Does the charger work in EU and Asia?

    • Yes, you can charge your Lumio on any USB port or power outlet. The power adapter is universal (100-240v input, 2-prongs). You might need a plug adapter depending on the type of power outlet.

  • Can I order accessories separately?

    • Of course you can! Full set of accessories come at $25, shoot us an email at info@hellolumio.com.

  • Can I charge my Lumio using computer USB port?

    • It is not recommended to charge Lumio using your computer USB port given its low power output. Charging time for this method could take up to 24 hours.

  • How long will it take to charge the battery?

    • Initially, Lumio will charge in 8 hours. Afterwards, the next time you use a 2A adapter, the
      normal charging time is 8 hours. If you charge Lumio using a 3A adapter, the battery will be fully
      charged in 6 hours.

  • What is the life span for the re-chargeable battery?

    • The current battery life span is approx. 5 years (it will still charge at that point but will gradually retain less and less power). Like a laptop, it will still be functional while plugged in.

  • Is the battery replaceable?

    • Sorry, the re-chargeable battery is not replaceable.