• How do I treat the wood cover?

    • -Dirt and fluids should be wiped off immediately. Use a paper tissue, dry cotton cloth or a damp cloth if necessary. Wipe in the direction of the wood's grain.
      - If the surface feels dry and rough to the touch, apply a light amount of furniture oil.
      - For deeper stains or minor scratches, it may be necessary to sand the area (gritty sponge or sandpaper, grain 150). Sand in the direction of the wood's grain. The wood needs to be completely dry before you sand. Afterwards, use a cloth with some furniture oil and apply evenly on the whole surface. Let the oil soak in for at least half a day before you wipe off any excess.

  • Are the Tyvek pages waterproof?

    • Yes! The Tyvek pages are tear proof and water proof.

  • How do I treat the Tyvek pages?

    • We recommend the use of damp cloth to remove dirt from the Tyvek pages.

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