On The Horizon


As one of our earliest supporters, we wanted you to be the first to know that, effective September 1, the online price of Lumio will increase to $190.

When we began shipping Lumio nearly a year ago, it was something new to all of us and, since then, we've learned a lot about what it takes to bring such a product into a global market.  

We have engaged a new manufacturing partner that allows us to scale up production to meet demand, and we've brought on a new fulfillment partner to improve our shipping speed and quality. We think you'll be just as impressed with the results as we are.

If you've been considering adding more Lumio to your collection, now's the time to do it! Orders placed on our website now are estimated to ship in mid-September. 

Thank you for all the support and feedback we've received so far. We're happy Lumio is a part of your life and we look forward to seeing all the creative ways you put yours to use. 


  Max Gunawan Lumio Founder

Max Gunawan
Lumio Founder